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Fully Responsive Home Day Care Course BC

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Questions to Consider

    • The Pros and Cons of Home Daycare

    • What Type of Daycare Will You Provide?

  • 2


    • What Are the Licensing Rules?

  • 3

    Business Aspects

    • Business Planning

    • Business Finances

    • Employer Responsibilities

    • Marketing Your Business

    • Networking

  • 4

    Policies and Procedures

    • What Are Policies and Procedures?

  • 5

    Parent Information Package

    • What is a Parent Information Package?

    • Sample Forms and Parent Handbook

    • Home Day Care Forms

    • Parent Handbook

  • 6

    Parent Caregiver Relations

    • Creating Positive Relationships

  • 7

    Planning Your Daycare

    • How to Plan Your Daycare

    • How to Design Your Daycare Space

  • 8


    • Easy Breakfast Recipes

    • Daycare Lunch Ideas

    • Daycare Snack Ideas

  • 9

    Activity Centres

    • How to Plan Successful Activity Centres

    • The Block Centre

    • Art in Child Care

    • Block Activities

    • Book Centre

    • Language and Literacy

    • Learning to Write

    • Dramatic Play Centre

    • Music Centre

    • Sand and Water Centre

    • Science and Nature Centre

    • Science in Child Care

    • Science Activities

    • Science Experiments for Kids

    • Active Play

    • Picnic Ideas

    • Community Service Ideas

  • 10

    Opening Your Home Day Care

    • The Day Care Interview

    • A Child's First Day

    • Day Care Schedule

    • Establishing Routines

    • Circle Time

    • The Importance of Play

    • Creating Your Environment

    • Imagination Games

    • Let's Play

    • Play Today Handbook

    • Kindergarten Readiness

  • 11

    Child Development

    • Guidance and Discipline

    • Guiding Children's Behaviour

  • 12

    Ages and Stages

    • Infants in Child Care

    • Toddlers in Child Care

    • Preschool Age Children

    • School Age Children

    • Special Needs Children

    • Self Esteem

  • 13

    Home Day Care Safety

    • Child Abuse

    • Health and Safety

    • Sneezes and Diseases

    • Hand Washing

    • Cleaning

  • 14

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam

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Home Day Care Course | Available in 100 Languages

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WorkBC Funding | Online Home Day Care Course

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  • Will I receive a certificate from this training?

    Yes, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you immediately after you complete the final exam.

  • Will this course qualify me to open a day care in my home?

    This course, plus your Responsible Adult training and having child safe first aid will qualify you to open a home day care.

    You will also need to speak to a licensing officer to have a home inspection if you want to open a licensed day care in your home.

    It is possible to have an unlicensed day care in your home, but the amount of children you can look after will be less than if you have a licensed day care.

  • How old do I have to be to have a home day care?

    The minimum age is 19 years.

  • Does Home Day Care training need to be a college or university course?

    No; individuals may be trained in a variety of ways – online, in workshops, conferences, seminars or classes offered through local recreation centres, or through working with an experienced child care provider who can share knowledge and skills.

    Head Start Online Schools’ training meets the BC Child Care Licensing requirements, and is an accredited provider through ICOES.

  • Do I need to renew the Home Day Care Training at any point?

    No, this is a one-time requirement. However, continuing to update skills and knowledge enhances an individuals ability to provide quality care to individuals.

  • Who Can I Contact For More Information?

    Call Head Start Online School at 604-426-1243 or email learnwithheadstart@gmail.com.

    You can also contact the local health authority community care licensing program and speak with a licensing officer.

  • When does the Home Day Care Course Begin?

    Head Start Online School’s online Home Day Care Course is self-paced. This means the course begins when you are ready to login, and you complete the course after you have gone through all the lessons. There are no set dates, no time limits, and you have lifetime access to the training materials.