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Online Responsible Adult Course | Head Start Online School
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    Over 3500 Students Have Gained Employment After Graduating From Our Programs!

Get Certified to Work in Daycares, Preschools and Out-of-School Care

Meets BC Childcare Licensing Requirements

Learn Skills to Work With Children 0 - 12

Understand Child Development

Practice Learning Through Play

Study How to Guide Childrens Behaviour

Apply Health, Safety & Nutrition Principles

Online Responsible Adult Course | Curriculum

The Only Responsible Adult Course that Qualifies Students as Substitute Education Assistants

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. How to Translate the Course

    3. Working As a Responsible Adult

    4. What Does a Responsible Adult Do?

    5. Classroom Activators

    1. Ages and Stages

    2. Ten Things Every Child Needs

    3. Infants 0 - 1 Year

    4. Toddlers 1 - 2 Years

    5. Toddlers 2 - 3 Years

    6. Preschoolers 3 - 5 Years

    7. Middle Childhood 6 - 8 Years

    8. Middle Childhood 9 - 11 Years

    1. Positive Discipline

    2. Calming Children Down

    3. 98 Ways to Say Very Good!

    4. Understanding Children's Feelings

    5. Misbehaviour

    6. Learning Through Play

    7. Storytelling

    8. Screen Time For Children

    1. Bullying

    2. Tips on Discipline

    3. Sleep Problems

    4. Speech Problems

    1. ADHD

    2. ASD

    3. Bed-Wetting

    4. Molluscum Contagiosum

    5. Allergies

    1. Staying Healthy at Daycare

    2. Healthy Practices

    3. Hand Washing and Covid-19

    4. Diaper Changing

    5. Cleaning Food Surfaces

    6. Cleaning Surfaces and Toys

    7. Toilet Training

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Responsible Adult Course Available in Over 100 Language

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Grace Okello

Completing my Responsible Adult Course was a positive experience.

The layout of the course was easy to navigate and the course modules were well written.

For instance I particularly enjoyed the prompts to take breaks, and the activities suggested for the breaks.

Overall, I think the Responsible Adult Course offered through Head Start Online School is a great course.

Leah Nicole

I found the online Responsible Adult Course to be extremely educational.

Mariah was a great teacher as she replied straight away to questions I had. I have recommended her to several people!

Thanks so much!

Angela Williams

Centre Manager, WorkBC Maple Ridge

The Responsible Adult Course BC is easy to access! As a result our WorkBC centre has purchased seats for our clients.

During the training Head Start is always supportive and responsive! Most importantly there is real-time support for our students.

Head Start our go-to for Responsible Adult training!


  • Who Qualifies as a Responsible Adult?

    A Responsible Adult is a person that is 19 years old or more and is able to provide care and mature guidance to children. They will have completed at least 20 hours training in child development, guidance, health and safety or nutrition, and have relevant work experience.

  • Does a Responsible Adult Need Training?

    Yes, people who work with children need current training so that children they take care of can receive quality care and have a healthy start to life.

  • Does Responsible Adult Training Have to be a College or University course?

    Individuals may be trained in a variety of ways – online, in workshops, conferences, seminars or classes offered through local recreation centres, or through working with an experienced child care provider who can share knowledge and skills. Head Start Online Schools’ online Responsible Adult Course is 20 hours in length, meets the BC Child Care Licensing requirements, and is in the process of being accredited.

  • Do I Need to Renew the Responsible Adult Course Training at Any Point?

    The 20 hour Responsible Adult Course is a one-time training. You will not need to renew your certificate.

  • Who Can I Contact For More Information?

    Contact us at [email protected].

  • When Does the Responsible Adult Course Begin?

    Our online Responsible Adult training is self-paced. The course starts when you login, and the course finishes after the final exam. There are no set dates, no time limits, and you have lifetime access to the training materials.